2. Level 3 from my game Dash Atom  (very early)

  3. T Rex from my upcoming game Dash Atom

  4. Work in progress of the new final level of my game Dash Atom  This one goes to 11.

  5. Nearly finished the Sin City inspired level in my game Dash Atom.  Now includes 100% more silly, stilted tough guy speak.  Getting closer to trailer time.

  6. Sin City inspired level in my game Dash Atom

  7. Another explosion from my game Dash Atom

  8. The Robo Kraken from my game Dash Atom (work in progress)

  9. Various effect tests for the final level of Dash Atom

  10. Exploding taxi from my game Dash Atom

  11. Early work on a new tileset for my game, Dash Atom

  12. Just started adding in villains.  These guys/gals will be at the start of each level then run off.  Check out more on the game (in progress) here: Dash Atom

    note: that little yellow 0 in the corner is just a debug thing, it’s not actually in the game

  13. Level progression/selection screen for Dash Atom

  15. Little pixel animation from the game I’m working on: https://www.facebook.com/dashatomgame